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GNU Guile

I know several programming languages, but in my view Lisp (and especially Scheme) is the most elegant and clean language among them. So I wrote some free software libraries for GNU Guile, the Scheme implementation of my choice, to help the language grow and mature.

  • Guile-SSH – libssh bindings for GNU Guile.
  • Guile-SMC – GNU Guile State Machine Compiler.
  • Guile-DSV – Delimiter-separated values (DSV) format parser for GNU Guile.
  • Guile-ICS – iCalendar (RFC5545) format parser for GNU Guile.
  • Guile-Udev – GNU Guile bindings to libudev.
  • Guile-Deck – GNU Guile Matrix network SDK.
  • Guile-GitLab – GNU Guile interface to GitLab CE REST API.

Author: avp

Created: 2022-09-11 Вс 19:47